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You would love it more when you browse through its numerous exhibits. You will also see 42 plaques scattered across the park regarding essential people who have graced the thoroughbred industry. This includes President George Washington and Queen Elizabeth II. Thoroughbred ParkFor equine lovers, here is something to add up your sleeves of sites in Lexington, Kentucky, it is Thoroughbred Park.

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Just take a stroll here as you pay your respect to the dead. You can even go on a tour that walks you through the metal plate graves. You will see the special water features here, which adds to the solemn but calm atmosphere created in this cemetery. Positioned in the northern part of the city’s downtown area, this place is fit for tourists who like eerie and desolate places. Yea, the world’s largest ceiling clock is in Lexington, in the Central Public Library of Lexington precisely.

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The end table immersion is the most significant instance of this, and there is an extremely opulent main building abridged by moderate outbuildings – one house some slaves lived. Don’t forget to check out monuments of the Civil War while learning about the Clay family, its history, and antecedents. There are 13 statues of horses stand across the park, usually represented racing and grazing.

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For equine enthusiasts, something to add to your bucket list of sites in Lexington, Kentucky is Thoroughbred Park. It’s a good option for entertainment and exciting musical events without the pressure of overwhelming crowds. Arts and crafts, fun magic shows, and horse processions are also often staples of the festival. This tour comes with “passports” that show you some great itineraries that lead you to points of interest on the bourbon trail. Every once in a while, you’ll be able to catch extra events like film screens, musical performances, and art lectures.

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The museum hosts diverse kinds of aircraft exhibits, ranging from the really cool F-4 Phantoms to the Bell Cobra copters and others. This museum covers 20,000 square feet of space and is devoted to the incredible history of flight. For anyone who is an aviation enthusiast, this museum is one of the most thrilling places in entire America. Aviation Museum of KentuckyOne of the things you must do while in Lexington is taking a trip to the Aviation Museum of Kentucky.

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Festival of the Bluegrass is a great means of entertainment, with the exciting musical events easing up pressure from the massive crowds. This festival is fairly bosom, with only one stage, some workshops for banjo and music, and a nice list of both American and non-American bluegrass acts. The park also organizes horse shows, which holds here and sees all kinds of breeds playing a part, from the typical workhorses to uncommon varieties. You can even go on a carriage ride, with a horse pulling you through.

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