The Most Common Traits Of A Pisces-Aries Cusp, According To An Astrologer

A man born on the March zodiac cusp between Pisces and Aries will initiate contact and take bold steps to court you. When you want to attract a Pisces man online, you’ve got to take risks before he will. A Pisces horoscope make your person of interest childlike, innocent and playful.

Is your Sun Sign Pisces or Aries?

He could make for one hell of a salesperson, able to quickly persuade and manipulate his way into the hearts of the clients. If it doesn’t work with empathy and emotions, then he will appeal to reason, boldness and straightforward convincing. The fact that he understands emotions and motivations is of great help because he has many more opportunities and solutions than others. With unshakeable confidence and a straightforward attitude, they try to get through life without getting muddled in emotional matters.

Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo will also like the artistic and dreamy nature of the visionaries that the Pisces Aries cusps are. The Pisces Aries cusp might also question the dependability of the Aries partner at times. They will both be passionate lovers with the Pisces Aries cusp taking a more active role. However, if they also tend to control and dominate a lot, the Aries partner might have problems. It is important for both partners to be understanding and sensitive towards the other.

When we make those decisions, and we take those actions, we change our world. As you can probably already tell, whenever we’re dealing with a cusp sign, we have an astrological version of “hybrid vigour”. And, Aries’ opposite sign, Libra, can also be a good match. “Libra’s love of beauty, justice, and socializing can be a good match for Aries,” Donelson says. However, Weiss notes that because they are opposites, this pairing can be both super hot but also super frustrating. Pisces is the mutable water sign of the zodiac that’s ruled by Neptune.

The big difference between the winning combination described above, and the losing combination below is it all boils down to how you ride that chain reaction. We don’t respond or react to the vast majority of these signals. We tend to cherry pick the things that we pay attention to. There are external signals that the world is sending us all the time. We collect these signals through our five senses.

Instead, show a Pisces man that you are interested in him. But stay a step behind as he talks about marriage and being soulmates. If you’re serious about attracting a Pisces man, especially online, go out of your way to show an interest in his emotions.

He’ll take his time to decide if you two are a good match. A man born between the Aquarius and Pisces zodiac is a deep thinker. The Aquarius-Pisces cusp man is a humanitarian at heart. He is full of compassion and cares about people and the planet deeply. Mention causes close to your own heart to show him what a good match you’ll make.

When Aries and Pisces come together in a love match, they can be very good for one another. If they happen to lead with Pisces, then they will favor water and earth connections . If they happen to lead with Aries, they will favor the fire and air sign connections . These individuals will have a more balanced masculine and feminine energy instead of leaning heavily into the feminine energy of Pisces or the masculine energy of Aries.

Pisces is the mystic, the dreamer, and the magician of the zodiac. Aries is the warrior that takes on every challenge and finds joy in being free and alive. So, if you were born on or between these dates, you belong to the Aries and Pisces cusp.

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They are spiritual and interested in changing consciousness. Being in an online community based on play and imagination appeals to him. A Pisces man’s online dating style can be confusing. Online dating suits him because he likes to live in a fantasy world.

The Aries woman can help the Sagittarius man be more focused and disciplined. In return, he’ll show her how to relax and no longer be so desperate when bad things happen. Neither of them will mind when life subjects them to different challenges. As a matter of fact, they will both be comfortable in strange situations.

Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 12,040 times. Take it a step further by suggesting you tackle a volunteer project together, whether it’s picking up trash from your city streets or spreading the word about deforestation. You’ll stimulate his mind with conversations about the meaning of life. This guy is open-minded and will appreciate hearing your views, even if they differ from his own. The HierophantThe Hierophant will educate you in the sacred teachings of the world.

All that said, Weiss adds that Pisces Aries cuspers can also come off as selfish when they waffle emotionally. “If they contemplate a situation for too long, they can end up so frustrated with themselves that they isolate, rather than pursue something that they desire,” she says. Aries’ firstborn quality also makes them exceptionally selfish, meaning they may not think of someone else before making a decision. They can also be brash, impulsive, and act first and think later, Donelson adds. Despite this, these amazing and loyal friends are highly forgivable.

Pisces Compatibility

This guy adapts to change easily and will appreciate a partner that does the same. Individuals with Sun signs in the middle dates and degrees of the sign are here to work on the central energy of that sign. But individuals born on the cusp are here to work on the transition from one energy to another. Unlike full-on Aries individuals, these people can be more adaptable and sensitive. These cusps are highly creative souls who are also dreamers and will need partners who can relate to these tendencies. They are extremely loyal and can sometimes be impatient and stubborn too.

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