The Real-Life Couples Of Harry Potter Cast Revealed

As revealed during his confrontation with Dumbledore, Draco was an insecure boy incapable of committing cold-blooded murder and was forced to do Voldemort’s bidding under the threat of his and his parents’ deaths. Harry, who was horrified by the result of his duel with Draco in the bathroom incident, feels “the tiniest drop of pity mingled with his dislike” for his old rival. Many people had mistaken their relationship as romantic rather than platonic.

However, this only lasts until Harry Potter comes to life and saves Hermione from dying at the hand of Voldemort. At which point, Draco realizes he still loves her and decides to go after her himself. One of the most interesting characters in theHarry Potterfandom is, without a doubt, Draco Malfoy. But just because Felton doesn’t think that Draco and Hermione would have made a good couple, that doesn’t mean he and Watson aren’t friends in real life. In the books and movies, Harry and Draco are constantly at each other’s throats, given that Draco’s parents are Voldemort supporters and the evil wizard killed Harry’s parents.

Blimey! Is Hermione Dating Draco Malfoy?!?

You guys, as a Potterhead, might be living the best fanfic life if this indeed happens. Now he got a rumor about his fantasy arch-nemesis as his girlfriend. In the play, Draco accepts his son, Scorpius, just the way he is and takes care of his happiness.

There are no literally any other character in canon to which Harry is related as much as he related to Tom. They affected each other lives almost in any possible ways. I’m a sucker for possessiveness in relationships, and Tom Riddle/Voldemort is a prime candidate for being possessive in his relationships. Both his canon love interests are Quidditch players, so we know Harry has a type. Now not only did they play on the same team for five years (or four and a half with Harry’s ban in fifth year,) but they also joined the team in the same year. Katie’s a year older than him, and since he was a special case being allowed to join in first year, that means that had to have joined in the same year.

Another part of their playful banter was when Hermione warned them that their Aging potion was not going tow ork against Dumbledore’s age line. Despite growing irritated by their antics, Hermione admired the twins for their cleverness and enjoyed pranks against Dolores Umbridge. She was deeply sadden by Fred’s death and even comforted Ginny through the ordeal. She became their sister-in-law when Hermione married Ron and become the aunt of George’s children. During their second year, Ron was deeply annoyed by Hermione’s crush on Gilderoy Lockhart, indicating he may have had a crush on her even then. He also made fun of her when she accidentally consumed cat hair in her Polyjuice Potion.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

As far as pairings I’ve grown bored of, I’d have to say my very first favorite pairing, 16 years ago by now, which was Harry/Draco. Now that I’ve slipped into the tomarrymort fandom, drarry seems like a La Croix next to a Dr. Pepper, like a very diet enemies to lovers. Though I do think drarry can be written believably, Draco isn’t as compelling a character as I once found him to be. I do think he can be redeemed in a compelling way if he can see what he’s done wrong and the flaws in his world view. I want to preface this by saying that I don’t think this is the IDEAL pairing for Harry to be in. When I am interested in reading a 100% wholesome, healthy relationship, I definitely read something else.

past Hermione Granger/Millicent Bulstrode

Though Luna was quite odd, Hermione thought highly of Luna and accepted her, even if her creatures didn’t exist. Even though she and Luna were different, Hermione defended Luna when people insulted her, especially kicking Ron for teasing Luna about Gurdyroots. She even snapped at the portrait of Phineas Nigellus Black for calling her friend an oddity. Fleur and Hermione initially did not get along in the books due to Hermione believing her to be uptight. During the sixth novel, Hermione did not like staying in the Burrow over the summer, growing tired of Fleur’s somewhat stuck-up attitude. Arthur Weasley, was fascinated by Hermione’s Muggle world and her background, even inviting Hermione’s parents for a drink when he first met them.

Emma Hit Tom For Real While Rehearsing The Punching Scene From Prisoner Of Azkaban

The boys grew mad at Hermione and ignored her for several weeks, until Hagird told them how petty they were acting. After their reconciliation, Ron helped Hermione with buckbeak’s trial and was the only one to stand up for her when Snape insulted her and called Hermione an “insufferable know-it-all.” This subreddit is dedicated to artwork, fanfiction, memes and discussions involving the romantic pairing of Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series. My only real disapointment with the HP series is that there are no openly queer witches or wizards (besides Dumbledore, and even that is only hinted at in the books -not stated outright).

Pansy is also in the Inquisitorial Squad, an organization invented by Dolores Umbridge. Pansy finds Hermione’s register for the organization named Dumbledore’s Army, and Pansy’s evidence is vital in Harry’s criminal record. However, Professor Dumbledore takes the blame and vanishes from the school to protect Harry. By this time, Pansy is dating Draco, and she accompanies him to the Yule Ball at Christmas and dances with him. She wears pink robes and is shocked by Hermione’s sudden beauty.

Although Miller was “devastated” at first, they apparently eventually came to an “arrangement.” While much has been made of the reported relationships, Gambon has not spoken publicly about his personal life. Neville and Luna may have ended up together in the movies but in the books, they did not. While Neville ended up marrying Hannah Abbott, Luna married a man named Rolf Scamander. The movies introduced a ship that we never knew we needed, and it was the work of pure genius.

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