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Ranboo said he thought they were in the best before Fundy joined the call. He was astounded to see Tommy alive, and didn’t understand the partnership between Tommy and Techno. Tommy only spat at Tubbo, saying he didn’t visit him once during his time in Logstedshire, and how he had by no means arrived to the beach celebration. Tubbo yelled in protest, saying that he had visited but Tommy had been absent, and that he’d never received an invite to the celebration within the first place. Neither of them knew that Dream had prevented Ghostbur from passing out the invitations. Tubbo set to work on the very next day, immediately beginning reconstruction by buying three units of diamond instruments from his villagers at his old jungle base.

This led to a brief battle in which Sapnap chased Tubbo around and tried to kill Squeeks, but it was eventually resolved with help from Niki, Punz, and Dream, and Squeeks was left near the L’Manberg embassy. In the aftermath, Tubbo lastly determined that he wished to visit Tommy.[40] He took the path via the Nether and exited into Logstedshire only to search out it demolished. In shock, he seemed via the stays and discovered an exceedingly high pillar.

Tommy took cost for many of the fighting, rounding everybody up into the Camarvan and coming up with battle tactics on the fly, and Tubbo once extra fell again into the function of a follower. In the center of the chaos, Techno was able to again Tommy right into a nook and started arguing with him over his betrayal the day earlier than. In an effort to protect him, Tubbo tried to jump in front of it, but the explosion ended up non-canonically killing each of them anyways. The cabinet held a meeting to discuss what was going to occur, and Quackity advised Tubbo that he wished him to be the one to kill Dream. Tubbo accepted the problem and advised Quackity that if he did not do it, L’Manberg would belong to him.

Tubbo (smp)

When Sneeg and Fundy began a dispute over sapling theft, Tubbo joined Sneeg’s side and killed Fundy. Tubbo confirmed subsequent concern about Techno’s loyalty concerning his destruction of the detonation button. His religion in him was partially restored after the reveal of his bunker, and so they fought with each other in the course of the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, however their relationship rapidly plummeted again to adverse as soon as Tubbo was appointed president. Looking for solutions Phil and Niki were hesitant to give, Techno decided to visit Tubbo within the hopes of getting some clearer responses. They met up in Snowchester, where Tubbo first lied to Techno about their relationship and averted the query of who Michael was, so Techno revealed that Ranboo had died and showed Tubbo the picture. Tubbo was silent for some time and finally confirmed Techno Michael’s bedroom.

On December 1, 2021, Tubbo and some of his content material creator-friends flew to Miami, Florida via a personal jet and met up with Snifferish. He additionally met up with Sapnap, Karl and Punz while they have been in Florida. Tubbo and Bill left America on December 13, 2021, whereas Aimsey and Saladserns left America the following day.


He and Ranboo covered a lot of the adorning, and when questioned about Techno and Tommy, Tubbo solely mentioned that they must give attention to one factor at a time. On the day of the exile, Tubbo was still uncertain of his determination, torn between his morals and loyalty, and he seemed to his cabinet for advice. They wanted nothing to do with the responsibility of the selection, though, and only informed him that it was his to make. Quackity and Fundy appeared to follow by way of, and anticipated Tubbo to agree.

His first affected person was Tommy, who had a strange fear of chickens and their guts. He helped Tommy tear down the construction constructed by Eret to cowl L’Manberg in darkness, but he hasn’t been seen since. Archivist Tubbo is an alter ego who shuffles around, unhappy and crying. He was created on October 2, 2020, when Tubbo was taken hostage by Tommy and Technoblade to mine cobblestone.[28] He additionally claims to have inhaled rocks, and talks about Ancient Roman archives. He made a reappearance on May 7, 2021, when as soon as once more mining stone for Tommy and Ranboo,[29] first requesting an apple after which later “the scriptures.” He also used TNT to dig a deeper hole. Tubbo is considerably scatterbrained but an all around loyal and good particular person.

Family & relationship(s)

He hesitantly introduced up the prospect of visitation rights for Tommy, no less than across the holidays, however Dream was skeptical of this and Tubbo eventually backed down. However, before too long, Tubbo’s beliefs of peace started seeming quite detrimental to the nation’s security. He disbanded the navy that L’Manberg previously had, prohibiting any type of armor within the Capitol whereas not imposing the ban of weapons. Tubbo additionally created the MAD coverage, or Mutually Assured Destruction. He made it in order that damaging gadgets similar to flint and metal, lava, TNT, and end crystals were not to be used within Capitol grounds.

While this doubtless drove a slight wedge between them, Tubbo seemingly didn’t care very a lot since L’Manberg was gone either way, though it led to him not trusting Fundy as a lot. Squeeks was killed after being blown up by a creeper while Tubbo was transporting him to Snowchester. Squeeks went lacking and was assumed to be dead after Doomsday, however he had truly been rescued beforehand by Ranboo who delivered him to Tubbo and Tommy’s house. On January 16, 2021, Tubbo gave the crossbow to Tommy whereas they have been getting ready for the Disc Confrontation. It was one of many few gadgets of his that Dream didn’t blow up prior to getting into his vault, and Tommy used it to take Dream’s second canon life. It had been in Tommy’s possession till he died whereas taking down Ponk’s Lemon Tree, and when Sam Nook recovered Tommy’s objects the crossbow was not there.

Tubbo was shocked by the twist and was sluggish to get back to L’Manberg. He missed the majority of the action, including Wilbur blowing up L’Manberg, Technoblade summoning the Withers, and Philza killing Wilbur as his debut to the server. When he finally did make it again, he was confronted once more by Technoblade and was shot as soon as extra, however he responded with spectacular calmness, solely displaying strong charisma through phrases before leaving to assist his friends struggle the Withers. He was present at the negotiations for a visa for Tommy, and whereas escorting the Pogtopians again to their ravine, he warned Tommy to not belief Techno due to Schlatt’s earlier feedback. When Schlatt went to sleep and ended up on life help, Tubbo was one of many people who tended to him. Tubbo additionally took part in a cartel with Tommy, Quackity and Jack in which they tried to steal the phantom membranes that still existed on the server (since Dream had just lately disabled phantoms) after which resell them for a revenue.


Tubbo joined back to the others arguing over whether or not they should trouble to battle. After the controversy had concluded without any clear victor, he gave a speech, saying that he was glad to see everybody working collectively and that it meant a lot for him to see everyone stand facet by side regardless of their differences in stance. Unfortunately, his reassurance did nothing to calm those who doubted him, and a lot of later would leave the defense. He then said that he assumed everybody knew their role, however then left with out offering any clarification; many of the defenders, left without a clear course, left soon after him, leaving their war chests empty.

Splodger additionally joined the chat to persuade him to play The Hive. After that, they were pals and had shared agreements when constructing Snowchester. But the question of who Tubbo relationship shortly changed to if Tubbo married as they seemed fast and unforeseen. The couple undoubtedly loves one another but followers had been a bit confused as they couldn’t understand the necessity of speeding to get married. So, followers had been extra confused after this and wished extra updates on the lives of two of their favourite YouTubers.

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